IP Southern Safety Flash Report – Burns suffered while installing bonding cable

A South East Route Maintenance team were dealing with a fault caused by a burning negative bond coming off an ally plate. The activity required the cable to be passed under conductor rail.

The two man team were pushing the cable under the conductor rail with a con rail shield in place. However, one of the team members slipped and the cable made a contact with the con rail. As a result one of the team suffered burns to the back of his right hand.

Immediate Lessons

  • If pulling bare lugged cables under con rails then these should be taped up or suitably insulated for the duration of the activity. If this is not possible then the con rail needs to be isolated
  • Conductor Rail Shields must be placed on the live rail and remain there for the duration of the task as per TRCS NR/L3/MTC/RCS0216/GA20
  • The use of appropriate hand protection is mandatory

Thanks to the South East Route for sharing this safety message.

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