Corporate Social Responsibility

Deploy share an aspiration that ensures we fully support the following with commitment and passion.

Health and Safety – We embrace a culture of health and safety that empowers every member of ours and our sub-contractors staff to ensure we work in the best environments with the safest methods, adopting the appropriate PPE and given the right and regular training. Through this commitment we will ensure the best standards of safety in our sector ensuring everyone goes home safe, every day.

Employees – We will ensure all employees have their rights respected and work in good environments, with equal opportunities. We will ensure training programmes are available to all and personal developments opportunities are available. Through this investment we will develop a better and more enthusiastic quality of staff that we can be proud of.

Sustainability – Being a considerate contractor, using sustainable materials and ensuring maximum recycling, protecting the environmental impact of our projects and respecting the nuisance they can some times become ensures we are leading the way to what a truly considerate contractor stands for.

Respect – Ensuring our employees, clients, neighbours and third parties are treated with respect and professionalism at all times will determine we mean what we say and through this we will be renowned for commitment to Delivering Excellence.

Giving Back – We will support charity and good cause through channeled programmes to ensure we put back into society in line with our capacity to do so.

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