Arup nr 8 Refresh

Arup nr 8 Refresh
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52 Weeks
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De-Specialist Works

About the Project

Deploy UK Ltd assisted De-Specialist Works in a full refresh of Arup’s main London office space and reinstate collaboration areas which have been lost through the current life cycle of the building.

The project incorporates phased works on each floor, which is being subdivided into three phases, so the floors are completed in sections. The works are being carried out in a fully live and occupied building and includes not only the construction works but also the co-ordination and management of the entire process from people moves (both temporary and permanent), the furniture installation and the AV/IT upgrades and relocation.

The works themselves comprise of redefining the general office area and the creation of library/quiet zone and market space to enhance the collaborative working environment for the client.

Labour Supplied

• Site Manager

• General Labour

• Skilled Labourers

• Handyman


Dan Hartman -

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