Company Policies
We strive for continuous improvement in our standards and aim to achieve a safe, risk free working environment to protect all employees and anyone else that may be affected by our activities.

Health & SafetyThe management of health and safety is considered to be a top level commitment fundamental to the groups operation. We adhere to legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, are compliant with ISO 9001 and registered with CHAS. We strive for continuous improvement in our standards and aim to achieve a safe, risk free working environment to protect all employees and anyone else that may be affected by our activities.

Training on health and safety is provided for management and workers and enacted via our annual training plan.

We have produced a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and all management and site staff have full training, which is constantly monitored and updated.

QualityCustomer focus is at the heart of our business and delivering the highest quality of service is our ultimate goal for sustained success.

All of our services are quality assured to ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management system forms the basis of our operations across the business and through Derisk support we ensure compliance across all business activities. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, we measure customer satisfaction and the feedback gained plays an integral role in compiling key performance indicators.

By using performance indicators and monitoring ourselves and our workers regularly, clients can be assured of the quality they can expect to receive when working with us. We listen and work with our clients closely to ensure our services add value and exceed expectation every step of the way.

CSRAs a group we are committed to balancing the company’s economic sustainability alongside its social and environmental responsibilities. We understand as a company we have a responsibility towards the treatment of our own employees, our interaction with the communities in which we operate, and our management of the relationships with our clients, consultants and workers alike.

We are committed to developing practices that ensure we attract, recruit and retain employees with the attributes and experience necessary for the continued development of our business.Working with government agencies, we offer a range of apprenticeship schemes and training opportunities, and in the main supporting local labour initiatives.

Maintaining high standards of business conduct is essential to enhance our overall performance, build trust and preserve and improve our reputation with our customers. We respond to the needs of our customers and work in partnership with them to offer suitable opportunities without unnecessary impact on the environment.

We promote excellent community relations and consider the wider impact on the communities in which we work. We engage on a regular basis with stakeholders and end users and create opportunities for local people to become involved in projects in their Borough.

Equal OpportunitiesWe are committed to equality and our equal opportunity and diversity policies are adopted throughout our organisation and endorsed by all workers. We understand our legal and ethical obligations as a fair employer and do not tolerate discrimination. We believe that appealing to a diverse customer base and having a workforce, which reflects the communities in which it operates are good for business and in line with our commitment to conduct business ethically.

We view diversity as an asset to our business and embrace a diverse workforce.

From our recruitment and selection through to the treatment of our employees, customers and the communities in which we work, we ensure that all decisions on recruitment and selection, training, promotion and career development are taken solely on job related criteria.

We condemn any behaviour that would treat anyone less favourably than another on the grounds of age, sex, religion or disability. We always make, wherever possible, any reasonable adjustments or arrangements to overcome a disadvantage.